The Bull

While attending junior and senior high school, my mother, Dorothy Hall, wrote all the copy and edited the Edinboro Independent, a weekly newspaper about our little college town located in the northwest corner of Pennsylvania. She wrote so well that her boss asked her to write a weekly column. She called it In the Hall Way. Sometimes she let me write a column. In her memory Ive named this website Bull in the Hall Way.

Born May 16 under the sign of Taurus the Bull, I sometimes read horoscopes and enjoy occasional glimpses into astrology. I like the attributes of Taurus. A Taurus is tenacious, pawing the ground till a project reaches completion. Hes stubborn, determined and obstinate, but hes loyal, too, usually compassionate and almost always steady. I like to believe hes creative.

Yes, he can be possessive. There are rare, infrequent times when his temperament explodes. At the same time, hes a hidden romantic, reserved maybe, but openly peace-loving, friendly and practical. He loathes manipulative people and can fall victim to them. According to the experts, Taurus is known to be most compatible with Pisces, Libra, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn. I find it bewitching to know that Leo is not included in that list, having spent most of my career surrounded by the leonine Leos Frank Bennett and Patricia Burdett.